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Workshop: Processing daily mail and invoices digitally

Manuel Gehrig | 9. Aug 2019
Manuel Gehrig ist Marketingleiter bei Parashift und verdeutlicht komplexe Themen auf einfache Weise.

Attend our workshop on August 29, 2019 at the TOPSOFT trade fair in Spreitenbach!

Create automated document processing processes with machine learning!
Can a machine know who's responsible for a document? Can she independently start release processes? Can it tell what kind of document it is and extract relevant data? Recurring, time-consuming accounting processes have moved Parashift to shorten and automate it. Learn from your own hand how artificial intelligence - in an intuitive application - revolutionizes today's document processing!

Date: & nbsp; 29th August 2019
Time: 1145 - 1245 o'clock
Location: Umweltarena, Türliackerstrasse 4, 8957 Spreitenbach
Room: Please note local information



Founder and CEO of Parashift. Since 1997, Alain Veuve has made financial and operational investments in several IT and Internet companies and start-ups. As part of these activities, Alain Veuve accompanied and strategically advised various global companies on digital transformation and their e-business activities. Today, Alain is a much cited pioneer of digital transformation in Europe and a regular speaker at conferences. His blog   alainveuve.com   is a popular source of knowledge for digital decision makers. In 2017, LinkedIn named Alain Veuve one of the 20 best voices in Europe. XING has named Alain Veuve 2018 as one of XING's "top writers". Alain performs several projects in parallel.



Ralf Triebel,   BoA in Business & Economics. Since 2019 at   Parashift   as Sales Manager. With over 10 years experience in sales in numerous companies, Ralf Triebel focuses on customer needs and develops strategies for process optimization. Evaluation and implementation of digital solutions to accelerate their own sales processes in various industries during his career finally led him into the IT industry.

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