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New features on the Parashift APIs

Alain Veuve | 19. Feb 2019
Seit 1997 hat sich Alain Veuve an einer Reihe von IT- und Internet-Unternehmen sowie Startups finanziell und operativ beteiligt. Er ist Founder und CEO von Parashift.

Customer feedback on our APIs has allowed us to bring several new features to our APIs in recent weeks.

New Line Item Details

We are now adding the following additional information to the line items:

  • Number
  • SKU / EAN
  • Price
  • line discount

This makes it possible to make even more complex reconciliations from third-party systems. The new value deliveries are now available in the 100% Extraction API. In the Basic Extraction API, delivery is gradually ramped up while we retract functionality.

Header-level new details

Furthermore, we will also deliver the customer numbers and corresponding VAT IDs at the header level in the future. This feature is now available in the 100% Extraction API.

Geographic and Compliance Zones

Furthermore, we will offer processing and data storage in the future for all Parashift products in 3 different zones: on the one hand in the EU, on the other hand in Switzerland and thirdly in the "Rest of World" zone. The processing of documents will be easy to control depending on international compliance requirements.   The completion of the features is scheduled for late March / early April. We will inform you in detail in due course.